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George Brown Bailey Letter to family from the Utah Penitentiary

Utah Pen   Feb 22nd 1889 

Dear wife and children

I commence to write to you to day it being Washingtons birthday we will have a Concert this afternoon to help pass away our time G Q? Cannon left here on the 21st his time being served although he was pardoned by Prest Cleaveland the papers had not arrived it saved his franchised and his fine  Wm Hill left here this morning about 20 Mill Creekers came to the pen to escort him home many of them came onto the wall so I saw them and they saw me the Bishop, M White G Taylor C Jensen, Joe Wright and many others with their wives  I received letters from Griffon, J.C. Hamilton and Tom Russell I can only answer one and seeing you have the first and best claim on me I will honor your rights, ? you have mine for 36 years and may God bless you for so doing  I have a cell mate now Bro Goss an eighty five day man but I shall be out first  I live in hopes of better days a coming for both of us for you have made a sacrifice of feelings 23 years I have twice for six months and there is more trials a coming for us all to perfect us Elsie will have to sacrifice more yet like you have done she will have to do without my company more than she has ever done before or they will send me here for adultery, but Gods will be done, they will try and try and get laws more binding and severe than they are now but to the honest and pure in heart it will bind their love and friendship closer than ever but to the weak kneed it will make them shake and waver and perhaps go back on their families but I feel to thank our God that we are united in love and in the bonds of the Covenant and according to the rulings of the Ter Supreme Court we are all right for I have lived with you and you alone for three years next May and in April I shall continue to do the same and trust in Him for His protection to help me through any trials and troubles.  I had two visitors this past week E B Murphy and Marshall Helm, but none of my family  Elsie and Heber brought my clothes and smiled down upon me from the wall Sat Feb 16th so I did not expect any one untill next week visiting week and I have had forty five persons visit me at sundry times this term

But I have missed you but I knew that you could not come so I was content and I will sacrifice my pleasure any time for the good of my children but Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I hope that Ellen will get around all right and be a comfort to her family now you are with her to help her for she and Griffon helped us with Elsie and her three little ones last summer and Elizabeth Humphrey can take some credit for the part she played they all have my thanks and I should like to serve them in some way or other but I am poor in pocket and rich in giving thanks but the time may come when I can do something for all hands, let time alone it will come.  Tell Griffon how I fixed my Bees for this winter and if it is a success he can do likewise next year but time will prove it  I should like to know how many Books he has on hand and who did not take them and what is his intention to do with them and when you come back home you can bring what he cannot sell after paying himself well for his trouble and I will sell them

Can you recite to Ellen those songs I sent you Dear heart now we are growing old how is Master George Humphrey and his Grandma and Alice, I hope Alice will write a letter to her papa and all of you write but do not tell all the same things, but I want one from ma every week, no matter who else writes and when I come home from this place I do not want any parade over me espessially up here at the pen like Wm Hills outfit did it may work against showing that we hurrah over them, it would have been better quietly but do not think that I am coming home next week it is 60 days yet, I count them, you may bet on it but it is not long to look back on but to stay here it is sixty long days to look ahead but I am the Milk man now I measure out 15 Gallons of milk daily  Bro Preston Lewis from Brintons is here to night for 100 days J Carlisle is not here yet give my respects to all my friends at salina especially to the Baby is she engaged yet and what is her name  I remain your loving husband and father

Geo B Bailey

Owner/Source22 Feb 1889
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